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We recognise that every business is different. We have worked with businesses going through the different stages of business cycle:

  • Fresh start

  • Stagnation

  • Growth

  • Decline

  • Rejuvenation

Each of these different stages presents its own challenges. But identifying and dealing with the challenges before they strangle the business is crucial. We recognise the signs and the underlying issues that accompany each business stage.

For example, many small businesses reach stagnation (and then ultimate decline) because the founders have taken the business as far as they can. Such a business may prosper from fresh impetus if the founders recognise the issue.

We also recognise that personal circumstances and ambitions of the owners and the management team must also be considered. Owners often want to plan to sell the business. However, getting maximum value is not simply about maximising profits. We help you to understand and recognise this so that a plan is developed to achieve maximum value.

The key steps in delivering the services we offer for our clients are:

  • Aspire - You are determined to succeed and achieve clear objectives.

  • Plan - We assess your business and help you plan the path to success.

  • Deliver - We help you to deliver the plan so you achieve the key objectives.

  • Sustain and Develop - Help you stay on the road and keep striding forward.

Because we work with experienced business managers, who are specialists in their own field, we can hit the ground running, adding value from the start.

Our approach is flexible and designed to offer the optimum outcome for our clients by working with you in a way that suits your requirements.

We are "hands-on". But our solutions are not "ready made". They are based upon the exact circumstances and requirements of your business and your priorities.

Morgan Hemp Tax Tools - South Wales

Tax Tools App

Our Tax Tools app will help you simplify your daily taxes! We are providing you with various tax tools to support you including:

  • Business mileage logger
  • Expenses logger
  • Several tax calculators
  • Plenty of tax tables

Available on the App Store Available on the Android App Store