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Archive:March 2022

Please find below all the articles from March 2022.

Trading losses and CGT

In most cases, it is beneficial to offset trading losses against income – whether that means sideways loss relief against general income or carrying forward to offset future profits of the same trade. However, sometimes the trader’s circumstances mean that the loss is effectively wasted.


Sara starts a new business in 2021/22. In her first accounting period, she records a loss of £8,000. She expects to make a profit in 2022/23, of approximately £15,000. Assuming Sara has no other income in 2021/22 (or 2020/21) to offset the loss against,…

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Claiming relief for an old tax return error

Generally, the time limit for amending a tax return is one year from the due date. But sometimes, it transpires that the tax calculation is excessive later on. For example, the individual may have mistakenly over declared income. Where the deadline for amending the tax return has passed, the return cannot be amended. However, it may be possible to claim overpayment relief so that the individual isn’t penalised financially.

Overpayment relief cannot be claimed in situations where a person has made a choice between tax treatments that, in hindsight,…

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VAT – the annual accounting scheme

There are a number of VAT schemes aimed at smaller businesses that help to simplify reporting, and in turn reduce the amount of administration time spent on compliance. One is the annual accounting scheme (AAS). But what is this, and when might it be beneficial?

Under the AAS, HMRC permits a business to make one VAT return for a year-long period, instead of the usual four quarterly returns. The business makes advance payments toward the VAT liability for the year, and then reconciles any difference on the annual return….

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Latest news round up


TV presenter Adrian Chiles has cleared the first hurdle in his battle against HMRC’s insistence that his working arrangements with ITV and the BBC amounted to an employer-employee relationship in all but name. The First-tier Tribunal ruled that, considering all factors, Mr Chiles was clearly building a business via his company (Basic Broadcasting Ltd). It then considered whether the activities with the two broadcasters would lead to a conclusion that Mr Chiles was carrying on a business in his own right in the absence of the company. It…

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